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Nov 2019

Mary’s Place – November 2019

Halloween carnival at Mary’s Place. We decorated the space and set up lots of games and activities for the kids to enjoy! We had bowling, face painting, caricatures, a station for drinks, and a lot more too!

Nov 2019

Mary’s Place – August 2019

Our very first carnival! We had a blast at Mary’s Place running the carnival for the kids. We setup stalls with games, caricature drawing and magic!

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Our mission is to mobilize kids to care. We mobilize youth to bring carnivals to homeless and disadvantaged kids.

Our mission is two-fold:
- To help youth form a community, find camaraderie and discover a purpose and joy in giving.
- To provide a moment in time where any child can step into a magical world, forget all their grown-up troubles and just be a kid – laughing, playing, and knowing that they matter.

We believe that every smile counts! Spreading smiles… one child at a time…

About Us

Hi! My name is Raahil Jain and Carnivals for Kids was an idea that I came up with when I was helping plan a school carnival in the 8th grade.  My mom, Anu Jain, is awesome  (check out and immediately jumped on board as a mentor.  Our first meeting started with just Paige Olson, Kevin Lu and me in the Spring of 2019…

Today, we are a growing group of volunteer kids who spread smiles through putting on carnivals for disadvantaged children.  We create carnival games, organize fun activities and take our traveling carnival to different destinations in Seattle and the surrounding areas.  We even have a magician and caricature artist on our team!

In order to respect the privacy of the children we serve, we are often unable to take pictures of the actual smiles we are rewarded with.  But, never fear, we take our smile counters with us and you can see our running count on our homepage!

 If you are in middle school or above, we invite you to volunteer with us.  Adults are welcome to join their kids! We really can’t do it without volunteers like you.  What we do is really easy and super fun.  YOU can make a huge difference. If you are too busy right now, you can also help us by donating packaged candy/treats or any small toys/supplies to be passed out as prizes.

If you know of an opportunity for us to help host a carnival, please let us know!

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